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Glamorous Temptation information
Glamorous Temptation

Also Known As: 화려한 유혹 영광스럽은 유혹 Yeonggwangseureobeun Yuhog Their Fortress Glorious Temptation Brilliant Seduction Fancy Seduction

Director: Kim Sang Hyeop [김상협] and Kim Hee Won [김희원]

Country: Korean

Genres: Drama, melodrama, political, Romance

Status: Completed

Date aired: 2015

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A young woman learns from her whistleblower Dad that honesty is not the best policy. Soon after her marriage, she is saddled with crushing debt that she has no ability to repay. But through a series of events, she finds herself on track in joining the top wealthiest 1% and makes a deliberate effort to uncover their misdeeds and hypocrisy. Her efforts reveal limitless greed and lust for power fueled by the pursuit of money and profits. Two friends struggle to reach the same goal, which inadvertently forces them to cross paths as rivals that result in anguish, tense relations, betrayal and a love triangle. And through this turmoil, there is a happy ending of forgiveness and rediscovery of family.

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